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Environmental requirements are becoming increasingly complex.  Statuatory requirements are tightening, standards are being raised, etc.  Now companies face an ever increasing challenge to fulfill their legal requirements and be globally legal compliant.

Among these challenges are:

  • Identifying the legal requirements that need to be fulfilled for each product
  • Hiring an expert to fulfill the reporting duities
  • Collecting the required information
  • Staying on top of all the updates
  • Creating reports and filling them

The penalties for lack of compliance are not just monetary:

  • Product recalls
  • Brand damage
  • Ground lost against competitors...

The KERP compliance team, are able to help you avoid penalties and increase the appearance/standing of your brand by:

  • Supporting your business in meeting legal and environmental product related requirements.
  • Providing the comprehensive knowledge of the legislation and guide you through the entire compliance process.
  • Ensuring your products are up to date with the newest regulations worldwide
  • Decreasing recalls, etc.