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EU- Battery Directive (2006/66/EG)

On 06.09.2006 the RL 2006/66/EC (Battery Directive) came into force and was subsequently enacted by all EU Member States into national law.
The Batteries Directive applies to all types of batteries, regardless of their shape, volume, weight, material composition or use. It includes material bans, collection, registration and reporting requirements.

  • In accordance with the EU Battery Directive, it is forbidden to bring batteries that contained more than 0.0005 percent mercury and / or more than 0.002 weight percent cadmium at any level of trade on the market.
  • In addition, final distributors of portable batteries have to inform about the possibility of gratuitous redemption of units and automotive batteries at their sales points.
  • Batteries Directive and its national implementations are to be marked accordingly. For further information on labeling please refer here

Manufacturers and importers are subject to registration and reporting requirements of batteries by the national authority such as a collection and recycling system. Since this directive stems from a directive, the national implementations within the European Union may differ.  We keep track of changes in the respective legislations and optimize the resulting costs for you from collection systems by a cost analysis of existing collection systems.

Registration and reporting requirements

Product labelling and packaging