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Registration and Reporting Obligations

With EU Directives such as WEEE, Packaging  or Battery Directive being implimented differently across the individual EU member states, the effort needed to be expended for a company to fulfill their registration and reporting needs is immence.

  • It is easy to lose sight of all the legal obligations to enable your product to be safely put on the market in the EU
  • It is time consuming and can lead to costly call backs if done incorrectly
  • The Directives are constantly updated.

What we do

We offer tailor-made support, to ensure the legal compliance through:

  • Assessing your products - are they affected and what steps need to be carried out to ensure legal requirements are fulfilled
  • Formulating an overview of the costs and time frame for the registration and reporting
  • Preparing all the necessary forms and documents for you
  • Creating individual country reports with a summary overview.
  • Generating reports for non-EU countires
  • Communicating with all the necessary authorities etc. making us the one point of contact for your registration and reporting.