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Your Legal Counsel

With the iPoint Compliance Agent (iPCA), your company increases its confidence in regards to compliance checks for legal requirements. The Compliance Agent becomes your legal assistant.

The solution is based on a bundle of integration- and in house-applications for efficient material data management (Substances, Articles, Mixtures - Management = SAM-M) and for ensuring compliance with product-related, legal environmental requirements (ELV, REACH, RoHS, RRR, etc.).

The iPoint Compliance Agent simplifies and automates the internal data collection and management, which in turn can be made available to external systems.

Our Environmental Product Compliance software solutions can be found under the module tab.  It is also possible to request a demo directly.

  • ELV/IMDS (End-of-Live Vehicle/International Material Database System)
  • RRR (Reusability/Recyclability/Recoverability)
  • REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals)
  • RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive)
  • SAM-M (Substance Article Mixture Management)
  • Toxicology
  • GHG (Green House Gas)
  • SEP (Supplier Entry Portal)
  • Conflict Minerals

As an additional service, we provide free access to our Environlex legislation portal:

  • EnvironLex, iPoint's free online database of environmental legislation for Electronics & Automotive Industry
  • Management of material data to meet regulatory and company-internal requirements.
  • Test your product compliance at a very early product development phase to identify and resolve compliance requirements before they become a costly problem.
  • The iPoint Compliance Agent is always up to date: constantly changing compliance requirements are automatically integrated into the software, allowing you to be sure of your compliance wit the current requirements.
  • One central communication tool and process for all product-related compliance requirements, such as ELV, REACH, RoHS, RRR, including work and environmental protection requirements.
  • An integrated solution for compliance analysis, material and usage management, quantity analysis, declaration and approval.
  • An integrated solution for compliance, design, development, logistics and supply chain processes.
  • A single solution for multi-product safety and a secure customer-supplier relationship.
  • High process efficiency and data quality through integration.
  • One-time data collection and collation.

Product Brochures

Compliance Agent (4 MB)
- Cross-sector: Automotive - Electronics - Aerospace

Compliance Agent (1,78MB)
- Automotive

Compliance Agent (470KB)
- Electronics