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End-of-Life Vehicle / International Material Database System

Under current regulations and guidelines for older vehicles -  known worldwide under the abbreviation ELV (End of Life Vehicle) - certain ingredients (especially heavy metals) may be used only in exceptional cases or sometimes not at all. With around 10,000 components per model, the listing of all the ingredients/parts for automotive manufacturers and suppliers is a gigantic task.

To meet legal requirements, automotive manufacturers have developed the "International Material Data System" (IMDS). Any supplier that contributes to the creation of a car is required to enter their respective material data into this system, based on their Bill of Materials. This includes the examination of the data for formal correctness and completeness. These mostly manual processes are time-consuming and error-prone.

The iPoint Compliance Agent (iPCA) is the perfect tool to execute your ELV processes with high automation and quality, which results in significant cost savings.


  • Internal material database for the ELV process
  • Process efficiency and data quality through integration
  • One-time data collection and collation
  • System-based synchronization and verification
  • Improved timelines and punctuality
  • MDB "Just in Time" = higher customer satisfaction


To ensure that projects can be implemented successfully, you need clear goals, a strategy and solution development, and extensive industry knowledge. 

Our consulting professionals for ELV (IMDS, MACSI, CAMDS, JAMA) have the knowledge needed to support you in your long-term global success.

Are you a supplier in the Automotive industry and must comply with European Union legal regulations for old vehicles? The keyword here is IMDS, and for suppliers it means performing time-consuming tasks such as planning, implementation and documentation of product compositions. 

We offer the following consulting service in the area of ELV (IMDS, MACSI, CAMDS, JAMA)

  • Analysis of your current IT landscape
  • Implementation of business process analysis
  • Workshops for definition of requirements
  • Analysis of your in-house material data sheets (MDS)
  • Analysis of existing supplier data sheets
  • Review of test routines and acceptance rules for material data sheets (MDS)
  • Complete handling of material data sheets (check of material data sheets, evaluation of sent material data sheets)
  • Training about specialist knowledge
  • Product training on existing ELV systems with our specialists
  • Support for design of your enterprise-wide system landscape
  • Design and development of technical concepts and documentation
  • Complete monitoring and implementation of projects in the agreed time and the agreed budget
  • Continued support after successful project implementation



  • Expert consultants/consulting services
  • One central point of contact throughout the whole project duration
  • Tailor-made projects
  • Targeted analysis processes
  • On-site project management
  • Transparent processes
  • Measurable added value for the immediate project implementation
  • On time/on budget project implementation

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