Reusability, Recyclability, Recoverability-Directive

The European Reusability/Recyclability/Recoverability directive (RRR) regulates the recyclability and reusability of materials in the production and recycling of vehicles. Complying with the RRR directive causes high labor costs for OEMs and suppliers in the Automotive industry.

For suppliers, it is not enough to create material lists. They must also define parts that are subject to their own rules, such as wheels. There are also rules for parts that can be removed and reused before recycling is considered.

The iPoint Compliance Agent (iPCA) helps to gather the necessary information and to simulate various recycling processes.
Thus, the prescribed re-use and recycling rates can be met. With its detailed information about the ELV materials, the iPoint Compliance solution guarantees compliance with RRR. The physical disassembly of prototypes with iPoint Compliance Agent (iPCA) is superfluous. The agent simulates a wide range of processes, provides full support in the definition of treatment, cutting and shredding, and documents the flow of materials.

The software calculates RRR quotas in accordance with ISO 22628 and also creates the associated reports conforming to this standard, providing an important building block for type approval.

Practical: Whole assemblies - such as complete vehicles - can be mapped with a single process model. Moreover, iPoint's solution is also flexibly expandable, for applications such as DfE (Design for Environment) and LCA (Life Cycle Assessment).


  • Integration of internal and external systems
  • Uniform handling
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Tool-based Support
  • Tool for automated communication
  • Adaptations when required
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Reduced development times
  • Cost reduction through simulation
  • Easy to use
  • Replaces disassembly of prototypes
  • Interfaces to PDM, CAD

Functions overview

Based on the Compliance Agent Material Management 

  • Suitability for experts as well as "casual users"
  • Full simulation of material flow for RRR calculation
  • Calculation of quotas for recoverability and recyclability in accordance with ISO 22628
  • Flexible reporting options (such as ISO 22628-compliant reports)
  • Full support for definition of

          - Preparation
          - Disassembly
          - Shredder

  • Integration into the virtual product design process

    - Support for the identification of improvement potential          
    - Design optimization


We offer the following consulting services in RRR:

  • Analysis of your current IT environment - Determinating the actual situation
  • Workshop to define the exact requirements
  • Basic training on specific RRR and LCA modules
  • Product training with our experts
  • Design and development of technical concepts and documentation
  • Complete monitoring and implementation of projects in the agreed time and the agreed budget
  • Continuous support even after the successful implementation


  • Expert consultant/consulting services
  • A central point of contact throughout the project period
  • Tailor-made projects
  • Targeted analysis processes
  • On-site project management
  • Transparent processes
  • Measurable added value for the immediate project implementation
  • On time/on budget project implementation

The necessary information has to be collected for various recycling processes to be simulated, such as the recyclability and reusability of materials in the production, assuring the recycling of vehicles.