Substance Article Mixture Management (SAM-M)
Material and Risk Management

Processes for assessment and management of material data enabling compliance with both statutory requirements (REACh) and company-specific standards.

The distributors of a product are responsible for ensuring that the material safety data sheets (MSDS) are technically correct and completely filled out. It is important that the material safety data sheets (MSDS) are regularly adapted to the current law and knowledge and updated, i.e. changing the legal basis of material properties and manufacturing processes must be considered here.

The proper implementation and completion of a material safety data sheet is a challenge for any company. Without accurate and complete information about the product a sufficiently accurate assessment usually cannot be made and the resulting protective measures are not able to be derived in the workplace. Miscalculations and possible misconduct are not able to be excluded.

SAM-M checks the hazardous material databases of countries with all substances in Annex VI 2009/1272/EG in all European languages. The hazardous substances database provides accurate information on threats and protection measures and legal regulations/limits of chemically pure single substances and substance groups, information from safety data sheets (for specific user groups), news on legislation and coordinated information to the enforcement authorities "classification/identification". A change in an official hazardous substance database, results in an automatic update of the Hazardous Substances Database carried out by linking to ECHA (European Chemicals Agency), ESIS (European chemical Substances Information System), GESTIS (Hazardous Materials Information System of the German Social Accident Insurance), etc.

SAM-M is connected to the BDI-phrase catalog. This means that you can select the BDI right phrases to create, as standard, compliant material safety data sheets (MSDS). If the BDI-phrase catalog does not contain the desired phrases, the catalog phrases may be expanded as desired internally by a company (creating your own phrases database).


  • Continuous monitoring of the material data of its own inventory of substances on the legal changes
  • Detailed, role based user management
  • User interface in German, English, French, Spanish
  • Modular and expandable solutions to sustainability
  • Easy integration with ERP / PLM systems like SAP, Oracle, etc.
  • Can be used as an enterprise-wide solution or as a standalone solution
  • Can be integrated into existing system environments


We support you in your business processes for evaluation and management of material data and enable you to comply with both statutory requirements (REACh), as well as company-specific standards.

We offer the following consulting services for both substance and risk research:

  • Review of hazardous material data banks of countries with all substances in Annex VI 2009/1272/EG
  • Review of hazardous material data banks in all European languages
  • Supporting the updates of the Hazardous Substances Data Bank
  • Supporting the creation of standards-compliant safety data sheets


  • Expert consultant/consulting services
  • A central point of contact throughout the project period
  • Tailor-made projects
  • Targeted analysis processes
  • On-site project support if desired
  • Transparent processes
  • Measurable added value for the immediate project implementation
  • On time/on budget project implementation