Supplier Entry Portal

In order to manufacture products that comply with the law, companies must exchange information on substance preparation, material and product usage across the supply chain.

The information provided by the supplier through the Supplier Portal Entry must be checked for accuracy, released and integrated into the iPoint Compliance Agent (iPCA).

The iPoint Compliance Agent SEP module provides all functions necessary to request compliance information from suppliers and to monitor the process. It also enables data entry (either interactively or via interface), as well as the release process and the data transfer into the SAM-M (Substances, Article, Mixtures Management) module.

The iPoint Compliance Agent Supplier Entry Portal module includes a web portal for suppliers and is integratable into existing portals.


  • High flexibility
  • Modular architecture
  • Can be easily integrated into existing web portals
  • Complete process monitoring
  • Reminder and escalation features
  • Checking for accuracy and validity of the provided material safety data sheet