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Toxicology Process (Chemical Risk Assessment)

Toxicology is the study of harmful effects of chemical substances. When examining the toxicity of a substance, usually the amount or concentration of the substance is important. For example, if a new cleaning agent, lubricant, etc. is used during production, this information must be forwarded to various departments. Each department (toxicology, fire protection, occupational safety, etc.) must check the substances against the company's internal guidelines to determine if the new substances may be used or not. For this purpose, each department asks the vendor for the necessary information. If the substance passes the check, it has to be determined if a safety data sheet is existing within the company. If not, a new safety data sheet must be created.

A request must be made through various departments, whether a new substance that is used in the production process, may be used. This requires a uniform process to be defined. The toxicology process is a complex sequence of activities which actively involves experts from different departments, with measures to coordinate the release process. In addition, there may be different rules for different production sites. A substance which can be used in factory A, may be illegal in factory B.

With the iPoint Toxicology (Chemical Risk Assessment) process, we support your internal processes for the release of safety data sheets. The solution is customized to your individual requirements.



  • Safe, stable process
  • Bi-directional communication across the supply chain 
  • Documented approval process