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Compiling data - the smart way

The strength of the iPoint Value Chain Agent: It serves entire supply chains - in different industries and areas such as quality, logistics, distribution, or environmental compliance and sustainability.

The Value Chain Agent has long become the standard integration tool for communication between suppliers and OEMs in the automotive industry. As in other industries, the market dynamics demand a high degree of flexibility.

Challenges for suppliers:

  • Increasing cost pressure
  • Increasing price pressure from OEMs
  • Rising commodity and energy costs
  • High labor costs
  • Large number of variants
  • Increasing complexity of the production
  • Decreasing lot sizes
  • Frequent product changes, shorter innovation cycles
  • Strong market fluctuations
  • Increased competitive pressure from globalization
  • More stringent quality and environmental requirements
  • Intelligent, automated data collection
  • Optimized and bi-directional e-business processes
  • Increased process efficiency in supply networks
  • Integration of heterogeneous data sources
  • Time-saving and high reliability
  • SAP Certification
  • Significant reduction of penalty costs
  • Optimized processes across entire divisions
  • Data exchange in real-time enables highly flexible response to the needs of OEMs
  • iPoint-agent technology enables automatic, timely and convenient integration of these data into your own systems and processes
  • Automation brings significant time and cost savings
  • Resources can be used more efficiently

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