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Document integration

A mountain of documents, such as customer-specific standards, legally binding documents or DIN standards is available on a variety of Internet portals. You need to monitor these portals regularly to make sure that you produce and deliver according to the latest standards and customer specifications.

What an unproductive way to spend your time! Moreover, the documents change regularly and must be re-evaluated.

Valuable human resources are tied to a routine task which adds little value. Data breaks and many manual steps can lead to errors, thus customer satisfaction is at risk and may result in high "repair costs".

With the iPoint Value Chain Agent and document integration for legally binding documents, this process can be automated. Externally provided documents are automatically synchronized with the internal document management system. Changes made through the Internet portal version are monitored. When a new document is created, it will be downloaded and compared with the current document, then saved. All changes are marked within a "differential document". The new document, with the changes, and the old document are then automatically stored in the document management system. They are retrieviable from the portal, amended by additional information such as revision status and document designation.

Tedious manual labeling and tracking of changes is eliminated.
The responsible person is now able to check for changes and approve the current document using the "differential document" easily. This ensures that your company always works with the latest documents. 


Increased efficiency

  • Fully automated site monitoring
  • Integrated comparison of the old/new documents using the 'Document Compare' function
  • Changes indicated old/new to the system by marking
  • Fully automatic filing into your document management system
  • Immediate notification of the defined distribution loop, controlling the release workflow

Risk minimization

  • Documents are always punctually processed through the customer portals - even with amendments to the portals!
  • New clauses or phrases are automatically identified
  • Consistent storage including metadata
  • Enterprise-wide availability of latest documents are always guaranteed
  • Documented process - important for certifications and audits!
  • Legal security to the customer
  • Direct involvement in the PDM process possible

Monitoring of documents from the following websites

  • VW Group Supply.com
  • Global Daimler Supplier Portal
  • Chrysler Global Supplier Portal
  • BMW Group Partner Portal
  • Ford Supplier Portal (Covisint)
  • Volvo Corporate Standards
  • GM SupplyPower
  • Harley-Davidson Supplier Network
  • Honda Supply Team
  • Lear Common Web Access Applications System (CWAAS)
  • TRW - Vendor Information Network
  • Werksnormen Man Nutzfahrzeuge AG


  • Increased efficiency through data and process integration
  • Increased process reliability through automation
  • Shorter lead times and release of resources
  • Full integration into document management systems such as SAP DMS
  • Full support of status networks and workflows
  • Secure audit and documented processes

Product Brochure

Document Integration (829KB)
- Efficiency instead of risk