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Enterprise Portal with Business Intelligence Monitor

Streamline work processes and represent information graphically

Core processes in various fields such as quality (warranty processing, claims, 8D reporting, QDX integration), logistics (Web-EDI, containers, packing slip and shipping label management), sales (supplier evaluations, online requests and orders, direct debits and credits), product development, are becoming increasingly complex, dynamic, time-critical.

On all these changes, you must be able to react quickly. You will need clear illustrations to facilitate this. In addition, you must be able to pass on information and tasks to responsible persons, they may also initiate and monitor escalations. 

The iPoint Enterprise Portal is part of the Enterprise Portal System Integration Framework (iSIFrame). It consists of five core areas:

  • Document Management
    Automated archiving, versioning and deployment of relevant documents
  • Knowledge Management
    Context-sensitive full-text search as a search key, identification of semantic links and metadata management
  • Web 2.0 Collaboration Tools
    Business-to-end collection, delivery and synchronization of information (Team calendar, Wikis, Blogs, etc.)
  • Business Intelligence Monitor
    Live view of data and documents based on a user-defined data cube
  • Workflow Management
    Process-driven, proactive and preventive provision of information by the system to the person responsible

With the iPoint Enterprise Portal, mastering these challenges becomes child's play. The solution also supports task-oriented work lists and workflow. This allows a complete process of monitoring from distribution of tasks to escalation.
In addition, the Business Intelligence Monitor creates graphical reports, such as PPM numbers.



  • Controlled, flexible processes
  • Automated process documentation
  • Uniform user interface for Web applications and data
  • Single Sign-On with LDAP/AD integration option
  • Complete Java-based platform-independent solution
  • iPoint-and third-party applications can be integrated under a single interface
  • Easy visualization of business processes and business intelligence data
  • Secure storage of documents with simultaneous global availability
  • Extensive collaboration tools are provided