• Core processes are complex and dynamic
    - Product development
    - Quality processes
    - Logistics processes
    - Document management
  • Processes are increasingly taking place in a global context
    - Adherence to statutory requirements (Compliance)
    - Collaborations with partner companies
  • Processes monitoring must be improved
    - Data-Warehousing
    - Business Intelligence


  • Flexible process control is required
    - Intelligent agents
    - Enterprise Process Management
  • Adapt processes quickly and inexpensively
    - New customers
    - New products
    - Dynamic requirements of operational processes
    - Corporate restructuring
  • Enabling integration with rapidly changing partners
    - New customers or new suppliers
    - Additionally purchased or sold plants
  • Critical processes and data flows to keep in mind
    - Optimize process costs
  • Prevent damage claims
    - Create indicators for management
    - Security in the assessment of the situation
    - Reliable corporate management


What is iFlow BPF (Business Process Framework)?
The iFlow Business Process Framework is part of the universal data hub "iSIFrame" - the technical heart of iPoint solutions for bi-directional data exchange within and between companies.
With iFlow, you are able to secure the flow of information between all parties involved. The process engine allows you to replace rigid logic through flexible, dynamic processes, to meet the high demands that are placed on end-to-end process integration. In addition, iFlow processes customer-specific business processes with user interaction, such as routing, escalation, tracking and logging of transactions with customers and suppliers. The processes are either modeled by iPoint or modeled by the customer with the necessary process steps (Activities) set. Key business processes in areas such as product development (ISIR, PPAP / PPF, maturity level assurance) and quality (Complaint Management, Warranty) are thusly implemented in accordance with customer specifications.


  • Rapid changes in business processes through modification of processes at run time, and modification of process templates without disrupting the ongoing operation
  • It automatically checks the input and output data for consistency
  • Universal Data Mapping
  • Ability to learn in halting the process
  • Monitoring by way process portal
  • High flexibility in changing the source and target systems

iFlow Unique Features

  • Combination of basic research and practical applications
    - 70 person-years of research + practice requirements of 250 BPM (Business Process Management) customers!
  • "Correctness by Construction"
    - Avoid problems with control flow, data flow, inconsistency
       through the implementation of incompatibility process variables; permanently checks correctness!
  • Business Rule Composer to guarantee completeness
    - No more forgotten cases in rule-based decsions.
  • Changes on current workflow processes with correctness guarantee
    - The result of over 100 scientific works.
  • Easy integration into any IT infrastructure
    - Workflow as a Service
    - Integration into existing applications
    - From the stand-alone application to concrete process-oriented applications based on the iFlow BPM (Business Process Management) Suite.