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Price cockpit

Part prices for orders from OEM- customers are sometimes automatically adjusted - for new orders as well as for follow-up orders. If the supplier fails to react to this within a certain deadline, the new price is considered binding.

Suppliers must promptly examine each incoming order in all positions, and possibly double-check through a second person. Moreover, the adjusted prices must be entered into the internal systems - an enormously labor-intensive and error-prone process, which could cost your company dearly in case of errors.

The iPoint Online Order Monitor automatically loads all orders from the web portals of your customers and extracts the individual items and prices, which are then automatically compared with the previous values. If a set difference is exceeded, a predetermined group of users is automatically informed. An extensive search function allows for quick, easy overview of price data. Back-end systems can also be supplied with approved automatic price updates.
A customizable, interactive release process sends orders to the appropriate department. After confirmation of the order, it can even be automatically accepted in the Customer Portal. An automatic comparison function automatically takes price changes into consideration, allowing you to react accordingly.

With the iPoint Enterprise Portal, the user-friendly web interface, all data for quick decision-making by the concerned departments worldwide are visualized in real time - all from a single installation! This solution is currently available for online orders from BMW, Daimler, GM, Honda and Volkswagen (all brands) - more upon request.
iPoint's proven Value Chain Agent technology is used as a data hub between your company and your customers, so that previously separate IT worlds are seamlessly connected.

The  Value Chain Agent, thanks to its unique agent technology, is the leading Web integration platform in the automotive industry - with over 160 installations worldwide, including most of the leading automotive suppliers.


  • Never miss a significant price change!
  • Minimize your manual effort by automatic data download and comparison
  • Respond timely to customer requests
  • Automatic data integration between their IT and your customers
  • Improve data quality and process transparency
  • Worldwide, distributed access - a global solution!
  • Database access for/on non-configurable systems