Quality Data Exchange


QDX is the VDA standard for cross-enterprise exchange of quality data within supply chains in the automotive industry.

Semantic fuzziness and OEM-specific extensions as well as different file formats make it difficult to exchange data.

The iPoint QDXplus extension integrates the OEM specific QDX dialects, thus enabling the desired generic, process-oriented data exchange. Optional expansion to an 8D and / or complaint tool is possible.
The iPoint Value Chain Agent is thus the integration solution for the field quality in the automotive industry.


  • Minimize the manual effort required by data and process integration
  • Increased process reliability
  • Shorter lead times
  • Data integration between internal and external systems
  • High demand conformity to the OEM specifications
  • Complete coverage of the 8D-Complaint and processes

Product Brochure

- Integration of Customer Portals for a closed Quality Loop