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Sustainability - from Cradle to Cradle

The complexity of this integration task often fails even the dedicated and goal-oriented leaders. iPoint solutions have proven that sustainability principles can successfully be translated into practice.

In today's world, satisfying regulatory compliance or customer-specific environmental requirements is just barely enough. There is a clear trend towards improving product sustainability throughout the whole supply chain. Factors beyond that, such as the generational conflict of sustainability, are currently addressed mostly through voluntary initiatives.

Sustainability is not about 'greenwashing', it is about the strategic link between economic, ecological and social goals, the so-called Triple Bottom Line. There are robust competitive advantages that go along with the consistent pursuit of a sustainability strategy.

iPoint's solutions for sustainability are built upon environmental compliance processes and databases that are already exisisting within companies. We utilize this data to enable comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

This concerns the collection and evaluation of data about the entire product life cycle from creation to re-use ('cradle-to-cradle'), and the use of this information to enable modification or redesign of products (DfE - Design for Environment).

  • LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)
  • DfE (Design for Environment)