Life Cycle Assessment

Manufacturers in the Electronics and Automotive industries are increasingly called upon to make sure that the characteristics of their products adapt to the ecological requirements. Now you are able to assess the environmental impacts of your products throughout their life cycle. With the iPoint LCA module, there is a tool that lets you take a holistic view of your products, that is, the LCA can be run easily and rapidly. This means that you can reduce the environmental impact of your products already in the planning phase.

Optimize environmental performance:
The iPoint Compliance Agent LCA module analyzes the environmental performance of your products throughout the entire life cycle. You are able to calculate the environment impact of your product to calculate and respond to negative influences. The iPoint Compliance Agent LCA module is based on the method put forward by the ISO 14040 standard.

LCA made easy:
The comprehensive analysis of your product requires extensive environmental data. If you use the iPoint Compliance Agent LCA, there is no need to conduct extensive additional research. The iPoint Compliance Agent LCA module is based on an existing database and combines this information with the product model structures. An integrated wizard helps you to keep the data entry cost low. You can customize the depth of review per product, assemblies or components.

As a result of the analysis , various indicators such as global warming potential (Greenhouse Effect, Carbon Footprint) or cumulative energy expenditure are generated.


  • Evaluate with the iPoint LCA module the environmental impacts of your products throughout their life cycle. This software analyzes the weaknesses in the product features and supports you in selecting appropriate materials.
  • Compare product alternatives. The iPoint LCA module provides you with extensive expertise. The results of the LCA are presented clearly and distinctly.
  • Identify those components and materials which have a serious environmental impact. This allows you to see at a glance where improvements are needed.
  • The results of the environmental assessment feed directly into the environmentally friendly product design. This allows you to control, from an early stage of product development, the environmental impact.

Success Story

- Legally compliant and sustainably designed products