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Business plan-calculation-model for dismantling facilities, applicable to developing and emerging countries

Project Manager: Dr. Maria Dos Santos

Description: At the moment several StEP-members (Solving the E-waste Problem) are involved in activities concerning e-waste management in Africa. The common goal of all of these activities is to set up sustainable business-models for the collection, treatment and recycling of electronic waste. Besides the efforts in proposing adequate legal frameworks and take-back-systems, which are adapted to regional and local characteristics, the establishment of dismantling facilities is one of the main focuses as they are the preferred technological solution in the pre-processing step of the e-waste value chain at local level. Hence it is crucial to provide the right tools to develop business-models for dismantling facilities in these regions.

The proposed project will contribute to these tools as it will provide a calculation methodology and core data for a relevant business plan to be constructed and will be based on information for dismantling facilities, independent of which region of the world the process will be implemented. Based on the experience of successful running dismantling facilities, relevant data will be collected and adapted so that a business plan can be created allowing for a fully flexible solution to be implementable.

The approach will be based on constant core data such as dismantling times according to variable dismantling steps, output compositions per appliance group, needed working space/tools etc. Based on this constant core data and the variable input data such as input composition, labour costs, market price level for cross section fraction etc., results will be calculated through the collection of data on the requested number of employees, the needed equipment, the recovery options for recyclable fractions and also on the total revenues and expected recycling costs.

Contract awarded by: StEP