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Green Innovation - Database-supported Web service for estimating material in the recycling of WEEE and ELV

Project Leader: Dr. Maria Dos Santos

Description: Electrical equipment, such as those collected at municipal collection points or as input for treatment plants usually are a mix of a variety of different kinds of devices, types and models. Most of the devices are of a very complex structure, with casing consisting of mechanical parts and electronic components. These complexities make it difficult to determine the material composition of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) composite inputs and make it impossible to determine in practice, with reasonable effort, the content of certain materials or substances.

The project aims at developing a method, database and software that supports and facilitates process selection and facility planning in the recycling of WEEE.

The online tool will be composed of three main data sets: Collection Categories and WEEE-items Definitions, Basket-Database, and Average-Weight-Database. By combining and analyzing these databases, using the substance flow analysis, it will be possible to model different variants of the process without expensive technical experiments or plant pilot tests.

The web service can/is able to optimize potentials by considering the entire process chain, regardless of operating limitations, to make visible and to inform current and potential future yields and recovery rates in relation to the material input. This information is currently only available in a very limited degree.

Partners/Funding: ZIT (The technology promotion agency of the City of Vienna)