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Project Manager: Dr. Maria Dos Santos

Procedure: The material composition of complex input streams (WEEE, ELV) are collected and stored in a database. At the same time, relevant methods for the recycling of WEEE and ELV are analyzed and characterized by parameters. By combining these two databases and analysis using the material flow analysis, it is possible to model different process variants without expensive laboratory tests.

It can carry out simulations for different input compositions, taking into account quality-related parameters and are evaluated against the market. This significant cost advantages for the operator of the recycling plant for expansion or improvement of projects.

Aim: Developing a cost effective process that supports the design and optimization of plants for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and end of life vehicles (ELV). Particular attention will be paid to avoid or largely reduce the costs of time-consuming batch tests.


  • Establishment of a database-based methodology to determine the material composition of WEEE collection categories for variable unit compositions
  • Systematic description and numerical simulation of relevant processes in the field of collection / treatment and recycling of WEEE and ELVs
  • Linking and input-process-related data collections using material flow analysis
  • Development of a product quality and market-related evaluation scheme for secondary raw materials from WEEE and ELV treatment
  • Developing a rating scheme based on the output reports and a review process for the derivation of optimization potentials and identification of optimal process chains
  • Validation of the method and data

This method can be used in the future to localize rare earth metals in complex waste material streams (like WEEE or ELV mixed waste streams) - further research has to be conducted.

Partners/Funding: Austrian Research Promotion Agency