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Project Leader: Marek Stachura

Description: The automated, consumer-sided energy management (load management or demand side management) will in future be a significant contribution to the optimization of energy use in making electricity grids in the future. The optimization can be achieved e.g. by a concerted shift of peak demand and a temporary reduction of specific power consumption with the involvement of the users.

A successful implementation of both strategies could result in a discharged environment (for example, expressed by a CO2 reduction), but also through financial benefits for all stakeholders. To optimally exploit this potential,  the technological solutions, environmental impacts, financial aspects and the user acceptance observed, have to be measured and weighed.

Via SmartResponse all these dimensions (technology, ecology, economy and user perspective) will be pursued equally to demonstrate optimal solutions.

The project results will be a basis for the decision about the effective use of energy management in the time horizon 10 years indicating the future development direction.

Project partners:
Institute of Computer Technology, Technical University of Vienna
Institute of Technology Assessment, Austrian Academy of Sciences