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Sustainability Data Exchange Hub (SustainHub)

Project Leader: Andreas Schiffleitner

Description: The present proposal contributes to improved eco efficiency in the global value chain in the electronics and automotive industries. The starting point is the rising demand for better eco-efficient products and services, provoked by public opinion, and being incorporated into legislation world wide. One leader of this movement is the European Union, but other major economic regions around the world are joining up (e.g. US regarding GHG Emissions). Customer driven requirements and company strategic aims (e.g. reduction of CO2 emission) go beyond the law and are becoming integral to company policies.

For global the electronic and automotive industries, eco efficient products within an efficient sustainability strategy combine to be a decisive point, ruling future developments on the market.

Large OEM companies have internalized this global trend and passed the requirements on to their suppliers. Due to these complicated and dynamic requirements, suppliers are frequently overwhelmed. The lack of data and insufficient integration into operational internal processes lead to the rejection of these requirements. Therefore, until, now management of sustainability strategies across the supply chain has not been solved.

SustainHub will provide a systematic and efficient approach to collect sustainability data for products and manufacturing processes through the supply chain and integrate these into the internal systems and processes of the companies. Target industries are electronic and automotive production sector. These are both essential pillars of the European economy, representing in the EU27, no less than 6 million employees and a 347 billion combined production value. Therefore, a better management of supply chain data and sustainability data will improve the eco efficiency performance of product design and production, but also preserve the European competitive position.

Project Partners:

Frauenhofer Institute, CoreSource AB, Intertek AB, Rapid-i GmbH, Board of Innovation BVBA, University of Ulm, Denkstatt GmbH, iPoint-systems GmbH, University of Graz, Microelectronia S.A., Johnson Control GmbH, AGFA Health Care, Continental Teves AG & Co., HG, IDEA-INternational Distribution of Electronics Association

Keeping up to date with the SustainHub project

You can follow the progress of the SustainHub project on twitter using the #tag: #SustainHub or by following @iPointWorld